Words from the Nightstand

Jan 31


Workplace Attire

Workplace attireWhen most people head to their place of work they are dressed in an uncomfortable suit or high wasted skirt. In the country, a good pair of Carhartts gets the job done. Within the city, a handsome suit or a casual tailored jean can be found on the sidewalks by men and women alike. With whichever look “suits your fancy” have a happy Monday!

Which style are you?

Whether Country Chic or City Sleek I’ve got a bunch of fashion for you.

Cornpicker vs. Cityslicker2

 If you’re more of a Cornpicker visit http://pinterest.com/jesstrauch/cornpicker-s-closet/. If you’re a Cityslicker visit: http://pinterest.com/jesstrauch/cityslicker-s-style/.

Happy fashion finding!

3 steps to “de-stress”

1. Prioritize – organize my schedule      2. Exercise – a simple run      3. Winerize – drink and be merry

Ways to Relax

As a 20-something with a hectic stressful life, I’ve realized it’s the simple things that help me relax and break the anxiety within my day. These tips are nothing special, nothing new or exciting but as a simple person I do simple things to get through my day. I hope these inspire creative ways to “de-stress” your lifestyle with everything that comes your way. Start at 1. continue to 2. and end the day at 3. Enjoy!


People of the CTA

For those who do not ride public transportation – The People of the CTA refers to those individuals who decide to do strange, inappropriate, or just plan crazy things on the bus or train. These photos were taken by yours truly. The first photo shows the awkward intertwining of hands between two Chicagoans and the second photo shows Snow White herself. I am sharing my findings with the world so everyone can appreciate the oddness that takes place in Chicago.


Read the fine print

For Rent

After coming home from the holidays, I was welcomed by this sign in front of my apartment. My thought process: “I know I paid my rent!” “Did the girls?” “Are our neighbors moving out?” “Can I still get in?”

Once getting close enough I realized the FOR RENT was referring to our garage spot behind our apartment. Life lesson learned in Chicago – read the fine print before freaking out.

Words to live by – by Rudy Ruettiger

We are ND