The Passes of My Life

Passes of Life

Back in Indiana, there is only one pass I need to govern my life– my license. It warrants an entrance into the bars, taverns, casinos and my eligibility to drive from place to place. These days it seems like my life is being ran by passes. If I happen to forget one of them I am in deep, dare I say, shit. Without my bus pass I cannot commute to work. If I forget my key pass for work I have to awkwardly ring our doorbell. Without my gym swipe card I can’t get my fitness on. And last, if I forget my beloved Jewel card I cannot get my groceries at the lowest price possible. So if you ever want to completely ruin my day, take one of these. Throws my whole day off.  And I say, to all of my fellow Chicagoans, may you never forget or lose your cards again. That would surely be a tragedy. 


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