My First Pinterest Party



On Monday, in good ol’ Indiana, I was invited to attend my first pinterest party. What is that you ask? This party included my favorite women, a pinterest inspired craft, alcoholic punch of the host’s choice, and great eats provided by pinterest recipes and guests. 


Our craft was a magnetic board – supplies including a metal baking pan, hot glue gun, fabric of your choice, magnets, and the random box of crafts every woman has in their home. 


A Pinterest Party is a simple excuse to gossip, laugh, make goofy crafts, and leave the boys behind for a night. I recommend these get-togethers for any group (cornpickers or cityslickers), no matter the age, for a good wholesome night out. You leave with memories, a craft, and a belly ache from all the laughter and yummy food. 


3 thoughts on “My First Pinterest Party

  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself! 🙂 Always glad to see our li’l cornpicker turned cityslicker. And I promise Tequila at our next gathering 😉 Love ya’!

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