Valentine’s Day – It’s that Simple

To many, today is an over exaggerated, overpriced, and over-the-top holiday. It’s filled with chocolates, flowers, and way too much red. As an avid lover of love, today is the perfect opportunity to emphasis the meaning.  Love is not specified as a boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend or even a mistress.  Webster said it best, “love is a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.”


Remember in elementary school when each student would decorate a lunch sack with glitter and oddly shaped hearts? Those were the days where love was shared by all and the true meaning was not lost by cheap jewelry, roses, and over dramatic Hallmark cards. Love was a simple gesture and not over analyzed or critiqued.


As time has passed, I have realized how those lunch sacks have turned into handbags and candy necklaces into pearls. Growing up means learning emotions and feeling love in a different capacity but this does not mean our “childlike” behaviors must disappear.


Hug your roommate as she leaves for work, give a simple kiss to your dog after a brisk walk, call your grandpa to tell him you love him, and appreciate the little things you love because although being in love is one of the most magical feelings in the world, everyone deserves to know they are loved.


So my advice this year – do not be the stereotype. Think outside of the vase full of roses and box full of chocolate. Go back to your childlike self and spread the love around this holiday. Be simple, be sincere, and be sure to take advantage of this Valentine’s Day.






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