The Master Cleanse – Mission Accomplished

The Master Cleanse

With a new year comes a new me. After much research and discussing the health risks with my physician, I decided to do a master cleanse to detox my body of all the crap I have indulged myself in these past few months.

This was a five day process where I solely drank a gallon of the cleanse mix, ingredients shown above, each day. Every day was a new experience.

Day 1 – getting used to the taste and not eating as part of my regular routine.

Day 2 – woke up dizzy and tired but feeling good about my decision to tackle the taste of the mix.

Day 3 – a little nauseous. Temptation hits and the desire to eat is quite hard to resist.

Day 4 – finally feeling energized. My body is used to the taste and undergoing this process.

Day 5 – home stretch! Feeling great and my body is tighter and feeling healthy.

Day 6 – indulged in a large stack of pancakes to celebrate my accomplishment.

Please talk with your doctor before trying this cleanse. The normal cleanse duration is 10 days and is not meant to do more than twice a year. For more information and to learn about all the steps and options to this cleanse visit:

I learned not only what my body can do but how strong and motivated my mind can be. I was overjoyed with my results and this was just another step to making a better me in 2013.


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